Monday, August 15, 2011

Bears ignore rule change, kickoff from the 30

For the last eight years, Dave Toub has been looked at as one of the best special teams coaches in the league. He is one of the most innovative and smartest coaches in the league.
Last night during the Bears 10-3 win over the Bills, Chicago kicked off from the 30-yard line instead of the 35 after the new kickoff rule was implemented.
Toub wanted to find out about his new young players and how they would be on kick coverage. So in order to find that out he had his team kick off from the 30-yard line.
With the new rule putting kickoffs at the 35-yard line it becomes almost impossible to evaluate young players on kick coverage. Yes, it put the Bears at a disadvantage because they were going to allow Buffalo to return kickoffs. But at the same time it gave Toub a chance to evaluate. This is why Toub will be a future head coach in the league. He is always thinking and looking for ways for the Bears special teams to be better than the competition. Smart move Dave!
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