Monday, August 1, 2011

Giants give Osi Umenyiora freedom to seek a trade

Washington Redskins Grossman is hit by New York Giants Umenyiora during second half of their NFL football game in LandoverAP
The “good conversation” between Osi Umenyiora and the Giants on Sunday provided immediate results.
ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reports that the Giants have granted Umenyiora’s agent permission to seek a trade.  This sounds promising for Umenyiora’s hope for a new deal, but the Giants’ trade demands could hold things up.
The Giants want a first round pick in exchange for Umenyiora, which will be difficult to attain. Umenyiora’s agent began calling teams Monday morning to find out who is interested.  The Giants may have to come off that price if they really plan to move the disgruntled pass rusher.
Umenyiora will remain at Giants camp while trade talks happen.

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