Thursday, August 18, 2011

NFL Sunday Ticket available through PlayStation 3 this year

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DirecTV has decided to throw a bone to NFL fans that can’t get satellite service.
NFL Sunday Ticket will be available this year through PlayStation 3 for for $339.95. The package is aimed at fans that can’t get DirecTV because of where they live. (I fall into this category in my latest apartment. Damn high rise blocking my southern sky.)
It’s a great idea, and would be even cooler if DirecTV expanded it by making it available through Tivo and other services. That won’t happen because DirecTV still wants to push people towards getting a dish.
Current Sunday Ticket subscribers could also get it through PlayStation for an additional $50 through DirecTV To-Go.  Hopefully, DirecTV has solved the enormous amount of problems and clunky setup of their online offering from a year ago.’s Preseason Live is light years better than DirecTV’s 2010 package and shows where this market is headed. For the price DirecTV is charging, they need to catch up.  Either way, it’s a pretty cool time to be an NFL fan and it’s only going to get better.

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  1. NFL RedZone is good enough for us!

  2. NFL Redzone is nice, but when I want to watch an out of market game, I want to see the whole thing.

    When you don't live in the market for you favorite team it bites.


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