Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Roy Williams promises magic amid criticism

Chicago Bears Training CampGetty Images
Roy Williams is facing heavy criticism in Chicago for dropped passes and overall shoddy play in the preseason, andhe may lose his spot in the starting offense.
But he hasn’t lost his confidence.
Williams said he and Bears quarterback Jay Cutler are working on their chemistry and will be a great pass-catch combination this season.
It’s getting there,” Williams said, via John Mullin of CSNChicago.com. “It’s not day one, it’s not day 365 but we’re getting there. And one day it’ll be magic.”
The problem for the Bears is that they want Williams to be a major contributor to their offense from Day One, not just “one day.” And Day One of the regular season is less than two weeks away. Williams needs to show off some of that magic soon.

You won't hear me say this very often, but this is brilliant on Roy Williams part.  He may not even realize it, but the Bears have to love this guy already.  He is such a lightning rod for criticism that he draws all the (negative) attention away from Jay Cutler for once.  At least this year if Jay Cutler has a rough year or blows out his knee it will be Roy Williams fault.
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