Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Danny Watkins removed from starting lineup

Danny Watkins, Howard MuddAP
Two days after admitting his transition to the NFL was “overwhelming,” Eagles rookie Danny Watkins was removed from the starting lineup.
Reuben Frank of reports from Eagles practice Wednesday that new waiver pickup Kyle DeVan will replace Watkins in the starting lineup. DeVan took all the reps with the starting lineup.
This is the right move by all accounts. Watkins doesn’t ready.
Still, the Eagles have to be disappointed with the uncertainty of their offensive line.  Their right guard is a waiver pickup that wasn’t good enough to stick with the Colts instead of their first-round pick.  The right tackle was moved from guard, the third guy to be tried at the position. The center is a rookie.
There are plenty of reasons to think the Eagles will be good this year, but there are almost as many questions about them.

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