Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saints insist they are not interested in Randy Moss

File picture of wide receiver Randy Moss, who is retiring, according to his agent on MondayReuters
Earlier today, the folks at WWL-TV in New Orleans reported that receiver Randy Moss is a “player of interest” for the Saints.  WWL also reported, citing several unnamed sources, that Moss visited the Saints’ facility on Saturday.
Tonight, Saints spokesman Greg Bensel told PFT by phone that the WWL report isn’t accurate, on either count.  Per Bensel, the Saints aren’t interested in Moss, and Moss didn’t visit the team’s facility today.
It was fairly simple for PFT to get the team’s response.  I know Bensel, I sent Bensel an email, he called me, and we talked.  Total time investment?  Two minutes, 54 seconds.
So why in the heck didn’t WWL-TV do the same thing before publishing the report?  Indeed, there’s not even an indication in the story that WWL-TV eventried to contact Bensel or anyone else with the Saints.
For a television station in the city in which the Saints play, the failure to mention the team’s position on such a story — or to possibly even try to get it — is the kind of thing that can do irreparable damage to the station’s relationship with the organization.
UPDATE (9:54 p.m. ET):  Saint’s G.M. Mickey Loomis separately told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the Saints aren’t interested in Moss.  “There is absolutely no truth to it,” Loomis said.  “It’s a made-up story, irresponsible reporting.  There’s zero to it.”

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