Friday, November 4, 2011

The Bills are starting to talk like the Jets

S. JohnsonasGailey
Giants-Patriots has the national late audience and the Super Bowl rematch angle, but for my money Bills-Jets this Sunday is a whole lot more interesting.
This is Buffalo’s chance to put significant distance between them and the Jets in the AFC East.  This is New York’s chance to get right back in playoff position.
It’s the biggest Bills game since 2004, which is a sentence we’ll probably be able to write a lot in the next two months. The hype has Bills receiver Stevie Johnsontalking like he’s a Jet.
“I think it’s our turn now. It’s our turn to show that we’re going to come in and try to take over this division and make this run be for real,” Johnson told theAssociated Press Thursday.
Johnson, who dressed up as coach Chan Gailey for Halloween in the picture above, believes there is no limit to what the Bills can do.
“Yes we can get to the playoffs, we can get to the Super Bowl.  Whatever they say we can’t, we can,” Johnson said.
To do that, they need to win games like this. So do the Jets. LaDainian Tomlinson called it a “do or die” game for the 4-3 Jets.
We wouldn’t go that far just yet — the Jets face the Patriots and Bills again this month — but it is the second biggest game of an intriguing NFL weekend.
(The best game: The best rivalry in the league, of course.)

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