Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lance Briggs will be "pissed" if they lose to Tebow

Dexter McCluster,  Lance BriggsAP
The Bears just lost to Tyler Palko at home. If they lose to Tim Tebow on the road, Lance Briggs will really go off.
Asked Thursday if he’d be embarrassed if the Bears lost to Tebow in Denver: “No, I will be frickin’ pissed.”
The Bears gave good soundbite on Thursday.  A sampling:
Briggs: “[Tebow] is one heck of a football player and we’re going to have to stop that crap.”
Brian Urlacher on Tebow’s athleticism via the Chicago Tribune: “He’s not Michael Vick.”
Briggs: “Cam Newton’s a better athlete, faster.”
Urlacher on preparing for the Broncos: “We have rules for every offense we play. Carolina ran a similar offense.”
Briggs via ESPN Chicago: “[Defending the option] isn’t rocket scientist . . . er . . . rocket science.”
We don’t find anything inflammatory in the Bears’ words, but the team sounds rather fired up.
This may just be Tebow’s biggest challenge yet. The Bears have the type of disciplined defense with great linebackers that could give Denver problems. Unfortunately for Chicago, the Bears also have Caleb Hanie at quarterback.
Tebow may be no Michael Vick, but Hanie is no Tim Tebow.

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