Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Play to win TTR's Playoff Bracket Challenge! (Free)

Hello TTR fans,

We are excited to bring you TTR's Playoff Bracket Challenge!    The winner will get a FREE T-shirt of your favorite NFL Team!

Contest Rules:
  1. Tell us who you think will win each game, all the way up to and including Super Bowl XLVI.
  2. Tell us who you think will win the Super Bowl MVP.
  3. Make sure you share this contest via Facebook or other social media.
  4. You will be awarded points for each correct prediction as follows:  
  •      Wild-Card games      - 1 point.
  •      Divisional games        - 2 points
  •      Conf. Championship  - 3 points
  •      Super Bowl Winner   - 7 points   (For a total of 25 potential points)
     5.  The highest score wins, with the Super Bowl MVP serving as a tie breaker.

All entries must be submitted prior to the start of the first playoff game.

Above is an empty playoff bracket that shows how the seeding works for the NFL.  Playoff seeds are dynamic in function, making the #1 seed in each conference always play the lowest seeded winning team from the Wild-Card Round.  The #2 seed conversely plays the highest seeded winning team.  It is a reward for the number one seed to play the "lesser" team in the Divisional Round.

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