Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ryan and Sanchez handle media circus very differently

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Jets coach Rex Ryan and quarterback Mark Sanchezattended a charity event on Tuesday night.  One had plenty to say.  One had nothing to say.
Though we probably need not say more, we will.
Sanchez, according to Rich Cimini of,declined to answer any football questions from reporters.  Ryan answered plenty, gushing about both of his quarterbacks, but apparently more about his new backup quarterback/punt protector.
Ryan said Tim Tebow looks “outstanding” so far in offseason workouts.  “Same thing with Sanchez,” Ryan wisely added.
Ryan also applauded Tebow for landing in NFL Network’s Top 100 list, even though Sanchez was excluded.
“That’s really saying something about the young man,” Ryan said of Tebow.  “Everybody recognizes the competitiveness. The guy’s a winner, no question.  People get tired of me saying it, but how do you not describe this guy as a football player?
“That’s what he is,” Ryan said.  “He’s got size, he’s got strength, he’s got speed and he can throw the football.”  (Some would say Ryan intentionally omitted the word “accurately.”)
Ryan also thinks Tebow should be included within the assessment of the team’s 2012 draft, given that they got the 2010 first-rounder for a 2012 fourth-round pick.  “Everybody put everybody [in our division] ahead of us, which I think it hilarious, but I think we had a heck of a draft,” Ryan said.  “And when you put Tim Tebow in there as a fourth-round pick, it looks even better.”
It’s not looking better for Sanchez.  And Sanchez knows it.  Otherwise, he would have been happy to answer football questions.

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