Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Video: Saints and Brees running out of time

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Over the weekend, our pal Mike Triplett of theNew Orleans Times-Picayune updated the Drew Brees contract situation, writing that the chances of Brees and the Saints working out a new deal before the launch of OTAs next week are closer to none than slim.
On Tuesday, Triplett made a return visit toPFT Live to discuss the Brees situation, which soon could become more significant to the Saints than the ongoing bounty brouhaha.
It remains unthinkable that Brees and the Saints won’t get a deal done soon.  But it’s nearly as unthinkable that the situation has gotten to this point.
To summarize (which is no substitute for checking out the interview), the OTAs start May 22 — and the Saints and Brees have until July 16 to sign a long-term deal.  Otherwise, Brees can only sign a one-year contract.
In the interim, Chase Daniel will get plenty of opportunities to develop, even if the development comes only in jerseys-and-shorts practice sessions.  (And, yeah, I made sure I mentioned Daniel so that the photo would look less forced.)

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