Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Vikings future is full of uncertainty

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Less than two weeks ago, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell helped kick-start the effort to get a clear resolution on the Vikings stadium bill.  Now, one day after the Minnesota Legislature was supposed to adjourn for the year, Goodell’s next task may be to bring to the Twin Cities enough glue to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Governor Mark Dayton, a Democrat, has accused Republican leaders in the Legislature of having “secret meetings” with the Vikings, calling the activities “cynical, underhanded politics.”  Also, a new proposal has been introduced, which eliminates the roof and calls for bonds, not gambling, to finance the state’s portion of the contribution.
“This is not our proposal,” Vikings V.P. Lester Bagley said.
“The time to consider the site or the design has passed.  Make no mistake:  the Vikings stand with the agreement we negotiated,” Bagley added.
Team director of corporate communications Jeff Anderson said on Twitter that the team did not engage in “secret meetings,” but that it merely answered questionsregarding “a concept.”
Regardless of how things got to this point, it’s currently a mess.  Dayton has released a statement urging the public to demand a vote on the pending bill.  “I’m saying please call your legislators and say vote,” Dayton said.  “Vote on the proposal that’s been worked on for the last eight months.  That’s before the House and Senate.  That’s been vetted by seven legislative committees. . . .  Call your legislators and say quit fooling around, this is not about politics for November and it’s not about your jobs for Novembers.  It’s about our jobs, our future, out team.  Get it done.  Bring it up — up or down vote.”
A few days ago, it seemed definite that would happen.  Now, it’s not clear what will happen, and the future of the team in Minnesota possibly hangs in the balance.

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