Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Warren Sapp will stay on with NFL Network

Warren Sapp, Jerome BettisAP
Despite reports that he was on the outs, Warren Sapp will remain on NFL Network.
Eric Weinberger, executive producer at NFL Network, told USA Today that “this is probably going to be news to some blogs and articles out there who’ve said his time is up here, but we picked up an option year on his contract.”
Sapp was reminded by the league-owned network that he’s supposed to be an analyst, not a reporter, when he said an unnamed source had told him that Jeremy Shockey had “snitched” on the Saints in the bounty scandal. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell later called Sapp’s report inaccurate. There was much speculation after that flap that Sapp was done.
But while Sapp has been removed from his spot on Showtime’s Inside the NFL, he’s not losing his job at NFL Network. According to the network, Sapp will remain in the same on-air role, offering the same analysis. Just no more reporting from anonymous sources.

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