Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vinny Curry injured in what could be another OTA violation

Vinny CurryAP
Add the Eagles to the list of teams that will now be bracing for the long arm of the “live contact” law to take away future OTA sessions.
Bob Grotz of the Times Herald reports that rookie second-round Eagles defensive endVinny Curry sprained an ankle during practice on Tuesday, which caused him to miss practice on Wednesday.  Per Grotz, the injury happened while Curry was attempting to execute a “bull rush” against tackle D.J. Jones.
Given Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s explanation that media accounts of fighting at practice resulted in the investigation that found impermissible live contact, the report of defensive linemen spraining ankles while executing “bull rush” maneuvers during supposedly non-contact drills will definitely result in a review of the films that the Eagles, like every team, are required to maintain of every practice.
With the Eagles wrapping up their OTAs on Thursday, any penalties could result in a loss of offseason practices in 2013.  And with coach Andy Reid likely on the hot seat, he could be inclined to take some chances in the final week of voluntary practices, given that if the team isn’t significantly better this season he won’t be around for any of the offseason drills next year.
The Eagles have a mandatory minicamp scheduled for next week.  It’s unknown whether Curry will be available for it.

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