Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday morning one-liners

Dallas Cowboys v New England PatriotsGetty Images
Former Bills defensive lineman Fred Smerlas, who is suing the NFL over concussions, says he doesn’t know how many he had: “Twenty? Thirty maybe. I remember one time I got hit so hard I was tasting Italian submarine sandwiches. I didn’t know where I was for four or five plays. Then in practice, I’d get knocked out, you get up and see stars, lose your balance. But you don’t miss a play.”
Contrary to reports, the wife of Dolphins QBRyan Tannehill has not posed for Maxim.
Troy Brown’s selection to the Patriots Hall of Fame says more about his effort than his talent.
Jets K Josh Brown says he felt relieved to be released by the Rams.
Although Ravens LB Terrell Suggs has previously denied that he tore his Achilles while playing basketball, he has made no secret that he does play basketball regularly during the offseason.
The Bengals’ coaching staff will work with three college coaches who are in the NFL’s Bill Walsh Minority Coaching Fellowship program.
Ryan Clark, the union representative for the Steelers, doesn’t sound too concerned about the dealings between the NFL and the union for the officials.
Texans coach Gary Kubiak thinks OT Duane Brown is taking his game to the next level.
The Colts have signed free agent WR Kris Adams and waived OLB Kevin Eagan.
Although it’s a remote possibility, there’s talk in Jacksonville that Justin Blackmon’s drunk driving arrest could lead to the Jaguars low-balling him on his contract, and Blackmon holding out for the entire season and entering the 2013 NFL draft.
Titans QB Nick Stephens brought his golf clubs when he headed to Tennessee after the Titans signed him, but he said he’s not sure how much use he’s going to get out of them. (Hint: Don’t use them at all if you want to make the team, Nick.)
Broncos QB Caleb Hanie is one Peyton Manning hit away from taking the field: “It’s something I think about,” Hanie said.
Said Raiders LB Philip Wheeler of the team’s OTA sessions, “Coming back from a little break, I think me particularly, we were all a bit sloppy the first Monday, but today was a better day. I think we’re doing pretty good. We’ve got a lot of new people here, I’m new, some of the coaches are new and I think overall we’re doing a great job.”
A good showing at a rookie tryout got local TE Patrick Doyle a contract with the Chargers.
Says Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, “I am happy as hell with what I got here. If we play the way we’re capable of then we’ll be shutting a lot of people up and there is a lot of people to shut up there.”
Giants S Antrel Rolle said after the team re-did its deal with Osi Umenyiora, “We have an outstanding defensive line without Osi, but with Osi there it makes it that much better. I think we have a great team all the way around, not just the defensive line. We’re stacked right now at each and every position.”
Eagles TE Brent Celek has played through plenty of pain, but he says he won’t make an issue of it: “Why complain about it? Everyone has nicks and bruises. To sit there and complain every single week, it’s annoying. So, get through it and go.”
Some Redskins fans are using their cars to demonstrate how much they like QBRobert Griffin III.
Devin Hester says his work on kickoff returns will be limited this season, with punt returns and playing receiver as higher priorities.
Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham is talking up an unheralded linebacker: “Ashlee Palmer looks as good as anybody we have out there. He has really learned what to do as a pro. If he keeps it up, he will really make my job a lot easier.”
Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says watching Jeopardy is a great way to unwind after practice.  [Editor's note:  Who is Joseph Cotton?]
Vikings WR Percy Harvin says he did better in the uphill races against RBAdrian Peterson than most reports indicated: “I won eight out of 10. He won the last two. It’s just crazy that those were the two that they recorded. Like I say, he’s doing a great job. I was just out here to push him. It’s always good to have that bunny in front of you kind of pushing you. So the drill was for him. He’s doing an incredible job and I can’t wait to see him back on the field.”
The Panthers have reached a deal with a local TV station to televise preseason games.
Saints G Ben Grubbs wants to be his own man, rather than being the guy who was brought in to replace Carl Nicks.
Rookie LB Cam Johnson, a seventh-round pick of the 49ers, will be out until training camp after undergoing an unspecified procedure, San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh said after Tuesday’s practice.
After re-signing with the Cardinals, LB Clark Haggans said it was uncomfortable not being under contract over the last few months: “I wasn’t allowed in the building;I might get Tasered or something.”
Although teams have been busted by the league for breaking practice rules in the past, the Seahawks are the first team to be punished under the new CBA.
Trading for a backup quarterback could be an option for the Rams.

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