Friday, November 16, 2012

Dez Bryant Assault Charged Dismissed; Possible NFL Fine

By: Colin Cook

Bryant was charged with assault back in July for allegedly hitting his mother in the face with a ball cap and, allegedly, pulling on her shirt. It seems, however, that the charge will be dismissed by his mother's hand after Bryant agreed to take a year's worth of anger management classes.

However, speculation is going around that the NFL may fine Bryant in regards to the assault. Obviously, hitting one's own mother is something the NFL does not was to be associated with, nor do they want it to pass by the wayside unpunished.

The NFL's protocol for dealing with a player's criminal charge is to fine them or, if they have a history of criminal activity, a suspension, but only in the case of a charge not being acquitted or outright dismissed. While Dez Bryant has a history of skipping curfew at strip clubs, he has no criminal history, and it is expected that the NFL will fine him at some point. Don't expect it to put a dent in his paycheck, however.

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