Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tim Dobbins Fined $30k For Hit on Cutler

By: Colin Cook

The NFL will be fining Tim Dobbins for the hit on Jay Cutler that knocked the Bears quarterback out of the game with a concussion.
A lot has been said about the hit on both sides of the argument. While it was clearly a helmet-to-helmet hit, Jay Cutler had all but his foot across the line of scrimmage, after a review, and threw a pass instead of sliding down. In the end, however, such dangerous hits are not acceptable, and the NFL has made this clear.

However, I doubt $30k is enough of a penalty on any professional NFL athlete to make a point of anything. If the NFL is truly serious about cutting down on injuries (and this hit came on the same week that found multiple QBs out with concussions) they definitely need a more serious penalty.
While Dobbins was attempting to make a play, you just can't take down a person.

Dobbins has stated that he will be appealing the fine.

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