Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Eagles lose results in another firing

Another loss for the Eagles has led to another termination.
This week, defensive line coach Jim Washburn has been, according to the team, “relieved of his duties.”  The move comes only hours after the completion of the team’s eighth straight loss, to the Cowboys.
“Jim is a fine football coach and we appreciate the efforts he gave to this team over the past two years,” coach Andy Reid said.  “However, I determined that it was in the team’s best interest that we move in a different direction in terms of trying to maximize the production of that position group. We look forward to having Tommy Brasher back on board to work with the defensive line.”
Yes, Tommy Brasher.  The team’s defensive line coach in 1985 and from 1999 through 2005.
Washburn’s departure potentially was driven in part by report that Washburn disagreed with the recent release of defensive end Jason Babin, whom Washburn reportedly called the most recent scapegoat for the Philly free fall.  Though Washburn said nothing publicly, he’s not known to be a guy who bites his tongue privately.
Hired in 2011 before the Eagles hired a new defensive coordinator, Washburn brought to town his “wide nine” defensive linw, which glorifies sacks at the expense of run defense.  Washburn’s presence arguably limited Reid’s options at defensive coordinator, since whoever took the job would be saddled with a predetermined coordinator.
At least the ongoing stream of pink slips is creating some interest in the final days of the Reid regime.  After each game, it’ll be time to conduct an office pool as to which player or coach will be the next to go.

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