Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bears' Major Wright: Stafford folds under pressure

Detroit Lions v Chicago BearsGetty Images
Bears safety Major Wright says the key to stopping the Lions’ offense on Sunday is simple: Pressure Matthew Stafford.
Wright thinks Stafford will break down if the Bears are bringing pressure against him, and that’s the way to stop the Lions’ passing game.
“You put a little pressure on him, you close the pocket on him, and he hesitates,” Wright said Wednesday. “He doesn’t make that perfect throw. . . . He can make any throw on that field, so you have to be aware of putting pressure on him because you put a little pressure on him he kind of folds.”
The Bears sacked Stafford three times and pressured him many more times in their win over the Lions earlier this season, and Wright said that’s what they have to continue to do.
“You don’t want to sit back and let him pick you apart because he’s a good quarterback, and if he has time he can complete any throw,” Wright said. “We definitely want to get in his face and kind of bother him.”
That’s what the Bears want to do in their must-win game against the Lions on Sunday.

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