Friday, December 28, 2012

Bucs restructure Jackson and Nicks' contracts to create cap room in 2013

Jo-Lonn Dunbar, Vincent JacksonAP
The Buccaneers were among the most active teams in free agency last year, and they’re setting the stage to be able to again next year if they choose.
According to Pat Yasinskas of, the Bucs restructured the deals of wide receiverVincent Jackson and guard Carl Nicks to create nearly $18 million more cap room in 2013.
The Bucs simply turned guaranteed salaries next year into roster bonuses this year, allowing them to prorate the money over the length of the deals.
That gave $12.16 million to Jackson and an extra $11.875 million for Nicks in exchange for the space next year. The Bucs now have $98 million committed to next year’s cap, which is projected to be around $121 million.
Whether they spend to that limit for a team which hasn’t created much buzz remains to be seen. The Bucs haven’t been selling out on a regular basis, or even getting to the 85 percent threshold to get on local television.

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