Monday, December 10, 2012

Dallas Barely Squeaks Past Roaring Bengals

By: Colin Cook

It seems that tragedy drives emotion, particular toward wins. With two deaths in as many weeks, both the Chiefs and Cowboys were able to turn deaths into anger and sadness into energy to win games. Except the Cowboys needed a little bit of luck to do so.

If the Cowboys want to return to the days of old, when teams feared them, today was an example of how not to play. That is, handing the ball to Tony Romo and, by some god-like luck, he gets it to Dez Bryant. And that's not opinion; that throw was pretty miraculous.

NFC East Rankings:

N.Y. Giants: 8-5
Wash. Redskins: 7-6
Dal. Cowboys: 7-6
Phil. Eagles: 4-9

While the Cowboys beat a Bengals team that was surging under the radar with four straight wins, the Giants also won today against the a much more dominating fashion. That does not bode well for a Cowboys team attempting to scratch into the playoffs. The Redskins also pulled in a win today...

Meeting with the Falcons after they lost to the Panthers, the Giants have a tall order in playing against an embarrassed #1 seed next week, while the Redskins play a suddenly surging Cleveland Browns. Dallas plays a dismantled Steelers next week.

If the cards fall perfectly, the Cowboys may just see themselves tied for first in the NFC East. Given the crazy year it's been so far, anything can happen in three weeks.

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