Thursday, December 27, 2012

Richard Sherman won his appeal, Brandon Browner possibly could have too

On a Monday in September, Seahawks cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner both were asked to submit random urine samples.  Reportedly, both samples tested positive for amphetamines, the key ingredient in Adderall.
Sherman vowed to fight, reportedly via the facially inconsistent contentions that:  (1) he consumed Adderall-tainted water from a teammate’s bottle; and (2) the sample-collection process was flawed.  Browner oped not to appeal, ensuring that the Seahawks would not endure a four-game stretch without both players.
Sherman now claims that he won.  Though the details remain unknown, the fact that Sherman apparently won’t be serving a four-game suspension suggests that Browner should have fought, too — especially if he believes that similar flaws in the collection process undermined the validity of his sample.
The Seahawks should be grateful that Browner took one for the team, and they should promptly consider giving him a new deal that replaces the $109,000 he lost via the suspension.

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