Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Report: Andy Reid to tell Cards he'll "fix" Kevin Kolb

When Andy Reid interviews with the Cardinals (it may be Wednesday, it may be Thursday, and the bespectacled head of one of the reporters who has stomped his feet and insisted it’ll be Wednesday may explode if one more person says it’s happening Thursday), Reid will need a good way to get the attention of the Bidwills.
The best, and most obvious, strategy appears to be this:  “You know how I screwed you in that trade for Kevin Kolb?  I can now un-screw you.”
Ian Rapaport of NFL Network reports that Reid’s pitch to the Cardinals will include a vow to “fix” Kolb.
It’s ironic, to say the least.  Two years ago, Reid’s Eagles conned the Cardinals into thinking Kolb was better than he really is.  Now, Reid will try to reprise that routine not in order to finagle a player and a draft pick from Arizona but to land a job there.
The suggestion that Reid can make Kolb play better than he has in Arizona overlooks a few things.  First, Kolb didn’t play all that well in Philly, once he finally got the chance to start.  Second, Kolb is injury prone, and that’s something no quarterback guru can fix.  Third, Reid’s reported plan is a direct slap at Ken Whisenhunt; if Kolb needs to be “fixed,” it means that Whisenhunt somehow “broke” him.  Fourth, wouldn’t Reid’s better strategy be to claim he can get Mike Vick to come to town, since Vick is the guy Reid chose over Kolb?
Regardless, Reid apparently believes that all he needs to do is convince the Bidwills that Kolb is fixable.  A little film review, a little jargon, and a few answers to whatever questions they muster after Andy mutters “time’s yours,” and that could be the key to talking them into hiring him.
Of course, the fact that Reid even needs to make that pitch tends to undercut the idea that the deal is already 95-percent certain.

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